University Offers Summary 2017

Dulwich International High School Suzhou (DHSZ) is a member of the Dulwich College International family of schools. Our close ties to Dulwich schools worldwide create a community where academic ability is nourished, creativity is valued, diversity is celebrated and inspiration is paramount. Our students come first and their best interests are at the heart of all the work we do. So, while we take pride in celebrating our students' success and their offers, we respect their right not to have their names published and to keep their anonymity.

Our school has positive relationships with universities overseas and we strive to maintain these relationships for the benefit of current and future students' application success. The DHSZ approach and philosophy concerning university is to equip students to graduate from our school and then attend and graduate well from their "best fit" university. Best fit is the practice of assisting each individual student to select the university that will best develop his or her academic performance, personal attributes and career goals.

Best fit is a combination of university features that is different for each individual student and includes factors such as size, location, course, ethos, cost, access, safety, lifestyle, reputation and academic rigour. Life Skills classes at DHSZ and personality matching tools (such as Morrisby Attribute Testing) are used to identify student learning strengths to assist in making these decisions. One-to-one meetings with expert University Counsellors then sharpen and clarify the best fit selection and competitive applications are submitted to the universities.

University Offers Summary 2017

The current A2 class consists of 93 students. Overall, as expected, the students have had very impressive results with their university applications thus far and more results are still coming in from numerous countries.

As our Year 13 students are now receiving their university application results, we share with you the 440 offers received to date for our 93 graduating students. We are equally pleased to report that nearly 33% of our graduating class have received scholarships totalling approximately US$1,700,000.