What is Graduate Worldwise?

Recently, Dulwich College International launched the “Graduate Worldwise” promotional video. In order to help all Dulwich staff and students understand the meaning of the tagline, Dulwich College International has been hosting a fun and interactive roadshow across 11 Dulwich schools.

The Meaning of Graduate Worldwise

Today’s world is not the world our children will inherit. For it is changing faster than ever before. At Dulwich College International, we help students prepare for a future that is indefinable. We draw knowledge and inspiration from our past and look ahead with a curriculum designed to encourage new ideas, collaborative learning and a pioneering spirit. We believe education must go beyond books, bricks and mortar. Instead it must be a bridge to the world, with teachers who put students first so they become doers, creative thinkers, innovators and leaders of tomorrow. We are creating the best schools in the world, a connected global family of schools so our students graduate world wise.

During the road show, our staff and students were able to learn about Graduate Worldwise by watching a promotional video, and were able to support this event by uploading their own photos and describing what Graduate Worldwise means to them. The photos uploaded by staff and students from 11 Dulwich schools rolled across a big display screen, and staff and students enjoyed seeing photos and words of staff and students of sister schools. 

Dulwich International High School Suzhou was the sixth school to join the Dulwich College International family of schools. We are proud to share a common heritage with all the schools in the DCI network, and equally value the traditions, unique to our school, that we have created since we opened. By promoting and stimulating the spirit of innovation and the development of a global vision, we will work together to create a campus that encourages academic research, values creativity, advocating inspiration and embraces diversity.